Grade School Department

Grade 1 – 6

JHS Department

Grade 7 – 10

SHS Department

Strands Offered:

  • STEM – Science & Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
  • ABM – Accounting and Business Management
  • HUMMS – Humanities and Social Sciences
  • GAS – General Academic Strand



The College Department is committed to:

  1. To guide the students in the total development of their personalities based on Christian amd moral Values;
  2. To lead the students to respond to the call of renewed evangelization of the gospel values; and
  3. To produce competent professionals who value quality service and management.


Courses offered:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Literature (BA)
    Majors in:
    • English
    • Filipino
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA)
    Majors in:
    • Financial Management
    • Marketing Management
    • Human Resource Development Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education (BEED)
    Major in:
    • Generalist
  • Bachelor Science in Secondary Education (BSED)
    Majors in:
    • English
    • Biological Science
    • Mathematics
  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT)