PAASCU Accredited Level II

St. Peter’s College of Toril, Grade School Department, in consonance with the national goals and school’s vision-mission and goal expects pupils to:

  1. be effective young evangelizers by faithfully doing their duties and responsibilities at home, in school and in their community;
  1. manifest understanding of the basic truth of the Catholic Faith and be living examples of Christian and Marian-like attitude;
  1. gain functional understanding of the basic concepts, principles and skills in preparation for the next higher step of learning;
  1. express their feelings, ideas and imagination through creative activities and projects;
  1. become self-directed and self-disciplined citizens, concerned and responsive to the needs of others especially the poor; and
  1. help conserve the natural resources and take pride in their cultural heritage.

Curricular Offerings:

  1.  Pre-Elementary Education


       2. Complete Elementary Education

              (Kinder-Grade VI)