SPCT GS Department Celebrates World Teachers’ Day 2022

After two (2) years of the pandemic, St. Peter’s College of Toril, Inc. Grade School Department had finally celebrated Teachers’ Day face-to-face on October 5, 2022 at the gymnasium. It started with a mass presided by Father Oscarito Antonio Boongaling, OCD and it was soon followed by a short tribute to teachers. The GEC officers together with the GS Activity Coordinator, Ms. Ella Mae Maquinto, prepared tokens and giveaways not only for teachers but for non-teaching personnel (NTP) as well. Pupils showcased their talents in dancing and singing on stage to entertain the teachers and NTP while the rest of the pupils in each section gave flowers, cards, and gifts. 

The two-hour celebration ended at 10:30AM.  The pupils were brought back to their respective classrooms for some announcements and directions. They were sent home with their fetchers at exactly 11:00AM   

       While the pupils were on their way home, representatives of the Grade Five Parents and Guardians had stayed on campus to surprise the teachers with a buffet-style meal. The PM Sisters headed by the School President, Sr. Lorna Murillo, PM, graced the occasion with their presence.

              A short tribute to teachers and NTP was also done by the Faculty Club Officers thirty minutes before heading home. The said officers facilitated the games which made the participants shriek in a joyous guffaw. They also presented a video of the old days to recall moments of their journey as a teacher. “It is quite different here in SPCT compared to my previous school”, quipped Mr. Michael Chatto, a new grade two teacher. The Grade School employees went home with a smile etched on their faces.