A Day to Remember Our Dearest Teachers

A teacher’s influence on a student extends beyond the classroom. Teachers go to great lengths to understand their students and cater to them completely. They take great care in shaping the character of their students, assisting them in developing into compassionate and socially responsible individuals. Teachers’ Day is an opportunity for us to remember and thank our beloved teachers for their contributions to our lives. A teacher is the foundation upon which a society is built. 

A teacher bears enormous responsibility because he/she shapes intellectual and creative minds that will become the future of society. No matter how old we get, there are a few teachers with whom we would like to share our life’s progress. Among the various events celebrated every year. Teachers’ day is considered as an important occasion. It is one day in the whole academic year when teachers are made to feel special and valued.

On October 5, 2022, Petreans celebrated World Teacher’s Day together with the presence of the PM Sisters, the HS principal, teachers, and non-teaching personnel at Saint Peter’s College of Toril, Inc. gymnasium. The day was started with a Holy Mass followed by the program.

To celebrate this occasion, students performed different performances to entertain their teachers and acknowledge the contribution of their teachers. Students also showed their affection to their teachers in the form of cards, speeches and gifts. Looking at the faces of the teachers, the students can say they truly had fun and were delighted during that memorable event. It was a successful and memorable day for the teachers and students.

Young minds need strong role models to shape their thinking and teachers do just that. We should always show our gratitude to our dear teachers everyday not just on this special occasion. Always remember that the most important person behind the success of a student is his or her teacher.