Procedure for SPCT College Department Enrolment for A.Y. 2020-2021

In light of the Covid 19 Pandemic, St. Peter’s College of Toril, Inc. adheres to Executive Order No. 20 issued by Mayor Sara Z. Duterte on March 23, 2020 by having our online enrolment for SY 2020-2021. This will push through if the State of Public Health Emergency will not be lifted by April 20, 2020.

The following is the procedure for our online enrolment:

  1. Log on to our website, and click Online Enrolment. You will be automatically re-directed to the online enrolment page.
  2. Contact the number of the Cashier assigned to your department to determine your past due accounts or balances, if any.


    Past due accounts or balances must be settled prior to enrolment.

  3. Proceed to Pre-Registration.

    For old students, click the Pre-Register button and fill out the personal data sheet. Make sure to fill out all the required information and click Send. Pre-registration for summer classes will be on April 27 & 28, 2020. Pre-registration for semestral classes will be from May 4 to 15, 2020.

  4. Proceed to Enrolment.

    If you have no past due accounts or balances you will be able to enroll immediately by paying your enrolment fees through the following procedure:

    1. You may pay at the following banks: (Please keep your original deposit slip.)

      Metrobank account name: St. Peter’s College of Toril, Inc.

      Account number: S/A #: 040-3-00477866-9

      Department Whole semester (varies according to course program and number of units) Downpayment upon enrolment
      College Php 10,000.00 Php 3,500.00

      *Please take note that the schedule of fees maybe adjusted subject to the approval of our application for tuition and other fees increase for AY 2020-2021.

    2. You may pay the entire amount for the semester or only the downpayment upon enrolment as indicated in the schedule of fees above.
    3. Scholarship grantees, except KTEP scholars, shall pay the downpayment upon enrolment or the entire amount for the semester, subject to refund upon receipt of the scholarship grant by the school.
    4. Email the scanned deposit slip with the student’s name, ID number, and depositor’s contact number to
    5. You will receive a notification through text message from the Finance Office once your payment has been received by the school.
    6. To get your Official Receipt (OR), kindly present your original bank deposit slip to the Cashier for verification purposes.
  5. For new students and transferees, an entrance exam is needed prior to pre-registration (step 3) and enrolment (step 4). Please call the Guidance Office at 291-2007, local 115 for more information on the process of taking the entrance exam.
  6. Please check the schedule of the opening of classes to be posted on our website.

Welcome to St. Peter’s College of Toril, Inc. for AY 2020-2021!