Certification of Structural Integrity of the School Buildings and Gym of SPCT

With regards to the series of earthquakes experienced by all of us, the school had contacted the school’s engineer to inspect our building, below is […] Read more»

Letter from the School Administrator

With regards to the series of earthquakes experienced by all of us, this letter aims to provide information and guidance in case the same calamity […] Read more»

SPCT 1st MikroTik Academy class MTCNA passers.

Congratulations St. Peter’s College of Toril for your 1st MikroTik Academy class. Congrats to your students for passing the MTCNA exam. Greetings from Inquirinity Corporation Read more»

UFED 2017: A Celebration of Diversity

SPCT-GELAS once again proudly carried the name of the institution to the annual celebrationof UFED, with the theme UFED 2017: Empowering Future Educators by Promoting […] Read more»

GAD Forum: Focus on Empowering Women and Gender Equility

  As part of the global preparation set by the school, a Gender and Development Forum was conducted on October 13, 2017 at Saint Peter’s […] Read more»

SPCT: 1st Runner Up on the First MCM Cup 2018 Chorale Cempetition

  The spotlight for every talented student from different schools in Mindanao had illuminated the MCM Cup 2018. The three-day MCM Cup was successfully held […] Read more»

Tribute to our Everyday Hereos

  Parents are their children’s guardian angels. They wake up everyday to provide for their children’s need. they risk their lives for their children’s sake. […] Read more»

Is the K-12 graduates READY?

  The K-12 was implemented last school year 2016 – 2017 and created a very big concern not only on the students but also the […] Read more»

BSBA Student Representative Attend Business Summit

  Last September 10, 2017, nine BSBA students namely; Carlo Florin, Nympha Durilag, Cheryl Flores, Juliet Garcia, Zoren Gorgonio, Gwen Mangaliag. Michael Montebon, Jonalyn Macadine […] Read more»