Hail Alma Mater,
Deathless Saint Peter´s
Our loving hearts acclaim
Thy resurrected name

Nor war nor time has pow´r
To bind thee Thine is a spirit proud and free.

And as year on year comes
Swinging we will still be singing.
Praises to thy fame.
Hail Alma Mater, hallowed Saint Peter´s
With each new day we know
How much we owe to Thee.
Truth is our guide,
We shall not wander;
God is our strength,
We shall not fail.
And our love will ever bind us
So that death will find us
Thine eternally.


To Christ through Mary,
Through Mother to the Son
Paths may vary, but heaven must be won,
Point the right way, safe and bright way
For the feet of those who bravely run.
Christ our Leader, our harbor and our goal,
But we need her to play the Mother´s role.

Christ our brother, and Mary our Mother,
Now our feet on the high way ring
Higher, higher dare aspire,
Follow Mary to Christ the King

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