The history of the Saint Peter´s College of Toril dates back to July 1, 1948 when the priest of the Foreign Mission Society of Quebec, the PME Fathers began the direction of the school. Father Jean Bernard Bazinet, p.m.e. was the first director and adopted the name “Saint Peter´s High School”.

However, there was an urgent need for a more permanent management of the school and this prompted Msgr. Clovis Thibault, p.m.e. to offer the administration to the Sisters of the Presentation of Mary. The official turn over of the school to the Sisters of the Presentation of Mary was ON May 25, 1953. Sr. Marie de Anges, pm. acted as the principal. At this point, “Saint Peter´s High School” assumed a new name which was “Saint Peter´s College”.

At the very start, the school consisted only of a sole two – storey building with eight (8) rooms. And between 1952 to 1967 the boys and girls Annex, Elementary Department, College Center, and Laboratory were erected. In 1977, the school chapel was built.

College courses leading to AB, BSE AND BSC degrees were offered in 1963. In the same year, the primary grades were open and in 1964 the intermediate grades became a reality.

In 1969, college courses leading to A.B., B.S.E., and B.S.C. degrees were started.

In 1977, the two – year Junior Secretarial Course was opened followed by the opening of Kindergarten in 1978.

In 1986-1987, the Rivier building was constructed and was completed in 1988. This was first occupied by the high school department and shared with the College department in the evening.

On November 23, 1989, a new school name was adopted, the “Saint Peter´s College of Toril” (SPCT) to distinguish it from other schools that have the same name.

In 1990, the elementary and high school departments applied for accreditation to the Philippine Accrediting Association of School Colleges and Universities (PAASCU). Both departments are accredited by PAASCU with level II status.

In 1995, the science building was constructed through the help of the Alumni.

The gymnasium was built in 1996 and was fully completed in year 2000.

In school year 1997–1998, the main gate, fence, waiting shed were constructed. At the same year, the statue of St. Peter, the Patron Saint of the school, was enthroned.

In the year 2002, the John Vianney building was completed. At present this building is utilized for the different facilities such as: Guidance offices, testing room, Audio-Visual rooms, Learning Resource Center at the ground floor. The high school library and computer laboratory are located at the second floor. The College library, speech laboratory, Internet Laboratory and the IT Laboratory are found at the third floor.

Adjacent to the Campus Ministry office is the school chapel which was constructed after the completion of the JV building.

In 2001, Bachelor of Elementary Education-Generalist was offered. In year 200, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration was opened to replace Bachelor of Science in Commerce major in Management Accounting. It has two major fields: (a) financial management and (b) marketing management.

In 2008, the three-storey Presentacion de Marie building was constructed replacing the old boys annex building. Its construction was indeed a milestone to reckon with on SPCT´s 60 years of experience. The following year, the school canteen, the Kindergarten building and the parents´ waiting shed were constructed in the site of the former girls annex building.

In the school year 2010-2011, the college department was successful in the application for its new course, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.

In 2012-2013, the left wing of the gymnasium was utilized for various offices such as the high school activity coordinator, student affairs coordinator, school supply center, high school prefect of discipline, Human Resource office and the Computer technician´s office. At the right wing of the gymnasium, the former kindergarten rooms were converted into CSC office, practice teachers´ quarter and Technology laboratory.

In 2012, the grade school building adjacent to the Rivier Building was constructed and was completed on the same year.

In the school year 2012-2013, the application for Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) major in Human Resource Development Management was approved.

Today, SPCT continues its quest to improve further the quality Catholic education it has been providing; and it vows to intensify its services for the satisfaction of its clienteles as well as its stakeholders.

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