UFED 2017: A Celebration of Diversity

SPCT-GELAS once again proudly carried the name of the institution to the annual celebrationof UFED, with the theme UFED 2017: Empowering Future Educators by Promoting Oneness in the Midst of Diversity. The said event was held at Brokenshire College of Davao last January 28 – 29 and February 4 – 5, where SPCT finished fourth runner-up among 12 participating schools.”We came from different schools and here we are united as one – united to achieve a common goal and it is to build friendships and inculcate values, knowing that we are future educators”, Dir. Roberto Miclat said in his speech during the opening ceremony. Truly it was a celebration of diversity, a reality educators instilled in their minds and tolerated with love and respect. As the events were simultaneously done, SPCT-GELAS gave a good show and fair play. They upheld the value of sportsmanship, camaraderie and acceptance. Even though they lost some events, they were never disheartened. These did not stop them from bringing home something – something that would make the whole SPCT family proud. “I don’t want to go home empty-handed; I want to bring something for school. I don’t want to represent for nothing”, Anna Marie Peñalosa, a BSED-3 student happily said, as it was her first time to join the event and placed second runner-up in Essay Writing Contest. At the end of the event, USEP triumphantly owned the championship and been undefeated for three consecutive years.

Various accolades have been given to SPCT-GELAS and these are the following: