SPCT: 1st Runner Up on the First MCM Cup 2018 Chorale Cempetition


The spotlight for every talented student from different schools in Mindanao had illuminated the MCM Cup 2018. The three-day MCM Cup was successfully held in the Malayan Colleges Mindanao Campus and was participated by 22 different schools coming mostly from city of Davao.

The first segment of the said event fielded the participating students in Mathematics, Science and the Brain Masters. The second segment involved the students’ capacity to be artistic, including the Speech Choir and the most awaited Chorale Competition.

The participating schools showcased their students’ talents and skills in comparing with pride for their schools. But at the end of the event, only three schools under the MCM Cup made it to the top in different competitions. Saint Peter’s College of Toril, joined all the competitions in the MCM Cup but unluckily didn’t top the said mathces. Luckily the SPCT Chorale participants won the first runner up in the Chorale Competition. Each participants received a medal and the whole chorale was given a plaque and cheque worth 10,000 pesos. The participants couldn’t believe they won because all they ever wanted was just to perform on stage and enjoy the moment.

SPCT Chorale participants will absolutely treasure every rehearsal as well as the competition paper, where they represented Saint Peter’s College of Toril and won the 1st Runner Up in an unexpected moment. After all, people who exposed themselves in competitions or some sort of matches never lose. It’s either they win or lose but learn.


© Aubrey Faith Yap-Aparicio