Is the K-12 graduates READY?


The K-12 was implemented last school year 2016 – 2017 and created a very big concern not only on the students but also the parents. Its implementation drew negative reactions from various societal groups and critics.  But this year, the first batch of this program will graduate. The very first question thrown is, “Is the K-12 graduates ready?”

If we look up closely about this, we can really see the K-12 program equipped the students with values, knowledge and skills. Both theory and practice were balanced to attain the country’s need in different industries. The DepEd is confident that the first batch of K-12 graduates is eligible in college and ready for the job market.

Despite the critics, doubtful insights and comments regarding this program, the government was very firm to publish this new educational system which will offer opportunities for the Filipino students and our country’s economy. As time passes by, the K-12 system slowly proves several benefits of undergoing this curriculum.

K-12 graduates were trained to be prepared for tertiary learning, which boosts the students’ capability for a much higher level of learning in college education. These graduates also are equipped regarding their working competency through empowering them to choose the track on their own. The good thing about these graduates is that their skills are enhanced through electives that will make them more efficient in a certain field. This program also develops the students competency in various areas which enables them to be globally competitive.

Now, you answer the very first question thrown. Are the K-12 graduates ready?


© Glennise Buelis